Vetiver Bath Mat (seen on Tamara's blog)

Vetiver Bath Mat - Fair Trade Bath Mats - Gaiam-easy? to make? $49

Vetiver Bath Mat - Turquoise Stripe
Vetiver Bath Mat - Turquoise
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Vetiver Bath Mat - Turquoise Stripe

Vetiver Bath Mat - 2 x 3'

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  • The roots of vetiver, a grass cultivated in India, are infused with natural oils that are released in contact with moisture. Stepping out of the shower or bath onto our Vetiver Bath Mat not only scents your bathroom with a relaxing natural aroma, it lightly exfoliates your feet, too.

    I just received my new Vetiver bath mat. I have to admit it looks great in my bathroom and I love the natural feel of it. It is not just a normal bath mat, it has a secret. It smells wonderful!

  • Among the fair trade goods for the bedroom and bathroom are amazingly vivid shower curtains and eco gifts like organic sateen sheets and duvet covers, vintage sari throws, and fringed vetiver bath mats. These bath mats are hand-woven out of vetiver root and cotton by artisans who pick the vetiver roots for aromatherapy and to control erosion. It's true about the smell. When vetiver gets wet, as it’s bound to in a bathroom, its fragrance is released.

    Vetiver is a naturally aromatic root with a soothing scent. The oil is often extracted to make perfume and other spa products. Its healing, aromatherapy traits are stress reduction and relaxation. Like cedar, vetiver is also used to keep away moths. Our vetiver bath mats and tassels smell fresh and can be refreshed by getting them damp. Step out of the shower and smell the bright clean flavor of vetiver.

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    Our colorful vetiver bath mat will brighten your bathroom and stimulate your senses. Vetiver is a deep growing, aromatic root providing a soothing and stress reliving aroma. A steamy bathroom will cause the mat to release this wonderful scent.

    Hand made in Bali, this Fair Trade bath mat measures 3' x 2' and is woven with cotton and vetiver root. It feels great under the feet. Easy to clean; simply hose off and allow to line dry. After time, the scent will dissipate. Soak in water, air dry and the aroma will release again.


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Vetiver Bath Mat - 2 x 3' by Connected Fair Trade Products.