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Teak Wood Bath Mat With Iron Footwear Design

Handcrafted Teak Bath Mat with Mold Resistant Protection For A Luxury Spa Experience In or Out of the Shower!

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  • While there is a huge variety of wooden bath mats on the market, such as , and others, none of these products will hold up as long or as well as those constructed from teak wood. The reason for this is that teak is the most highly resistant to water. High quality grade A teak produces natural oils that act as a wood preservative, which makes any product crafted from this material more durable. In addition, teak has a unique leather like fragrance, that gives it a high end quality. The investment in a teak wood bath mat is not only a good choice because it’s long lasting, but it also helps to create a pleasant ambiance to any room.

    A teak bath mat is the type of bath mat that you can leave outside all year round without any hassle. Premium teak is an extremely weather-resistant material which is why it is great for the outdoors. A teak wood bath mat is oiled using extremely high-quality teak oil which gives it a superb look and feel.

Teak Bathroom Floor Mat - Rust-Oleum