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FULL SIZE PERMANENT BATH MAT. Slip resistant matting adheres simply and permanently to the bottom of your bathtubs, making them safe and slip-proof.

Safe Way Traction 16" X 40" White Adhesive Vinyl Anti Slip Non Skid Safety Bath Mat with Drain Cut Out

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  • Both permanently adhered bath mats and suction cup-adhered mats result in long-term damage to the porcelain surfaces of tubs and shower stalls.

    The present invention provides a permanently magnetized bath mat which is removably connectable atop these well known bathtub and shower stalls which include a magnetically attractive metal material serving as the basic structural component thereof. The present invention is thus intended to be utilized with such magnetically attractive bathtub and shower stalls to afford slip resistance during use under wet conditions and is releasably attachable atop their bottoms for easy removal during cleaning.

  • If you're looking for high-quality bath shower mats, shop Slip-X Solutions. We offer non slip vinyl rubber as well as recyclable BPA free mats in many sizes. Permanent Safety Bathtub Mat: The Mat King Permanent Safety Bathtub Mat is the best way to provide bathtub safety and maintain This bath mat is an extra long slip-resistant mat providing a safe means to stand in your shower or bathtub. This Lumex bath mat is the very best in terms of gripping power

    These permanent bathtub safety mats are used in hotels and motels nationwide to help prevent slip and fall accidents. Slip resistant matting adheres permanently (will last for years) to the bottom of your bathtubs making them safer and slip-resistant. Guaranteed not to mold, mildew, or discolor. Avoid slip and falls as well as lawsuits. Bathtub safety mats are easy to install and clean. Use right away. No down time.

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