Non Slip Bath Mat Specification:

InterDesign Pebblz Bath Mat:

Memory Foam Coral Velvet Non Slip Bathroom Mat, 17W X 24L Inches (Gray Waved Pattern)

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  • Bath Mat Materials and Functionality Professional bath mat suppliers like ABELE FashionHome often carry a variety of mats made of different materials and provide safety features in different ways. As to...

    Stripe details enhance the look of our Zero Twist Pebble Stripe Bath Mat. This cotton bath mat is a great choice for adding warmth to a bathroom. A visually appealing stripe texture is etched into the weave.

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    SlipX Solutions® non slip bath mats deliver reliable slip-resistance. Designed for safety and comfort, our bathtub and shower mats have suction cups to provide sure-footedness and easy removal. Our shower and bath safety mats are equally easy to care for—most can be washed on a gentle cycle in your washing machine.

    We offer several high quality Bath Mats available in different weights to fit your needs. Choose from Economy, Premium Blend as well as Domestic Made Premium Bath Mats.

    • White Economy Bath Mats are great for high loss and heavy abuse situations.
    • Our premium bath mats made with a blend of polyester and cotton are much more durable and will hold up to repeated washings.
    • All imported towels are compressed for shipping purposes. Full nap and softness will return after washing.

  •  • Economy Bath Mat
     -100% Cotton, 20" x 30", 7lb :
     • Premium Domestic Bath Mat
     - 100% Cotton Terry, 20" x 30", 7 lb :

    We offer the Pebble Bath Mat in a variety of colors to easily match the decor of your bathroom. The grey Pebble Bath Mat looks just like real pebbles in a river. The color intensity of each pebble is slightly different and that provides a very visually attractive effect when it's wet and provides the most realistic "pebble" look. While the grey option is more realistic, the clear is more about feel. Since the mat is colorless, it's more difficult to see the contours and detail of the mat. However, once you step foot on it, you'll feel how comfortable this mat is.


The Non Slip Bath Mat easily attaches to the majority of baths, the large number of suction pads on the bottom ensure that the bath mat remains firmly in place when in use, improving user confidence. Minimising the chance of slipping and sliding when entering and exiting the bath the non slip bath mat provides the user with an extremely safe and secure surface on which to stand, making the task safer. The Non Slip Bath Mat can be attached and removed quickly and easily, the excellent drainage is a result of the vast number of drainage hole the bath mat has ensuring that water doesn't sit on the mat once the bath has been emptied. Available in either blue or white.