Ginsey Aquatouch Scattered Bath Mat, Blue

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Aquatouch Soft-as-Grass Bath Mat - Soft Fibers and Skid Resistant Suction Cups - Drains Waters - Blue - 25" x 14"

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  • This heavy duty Aquatouch Bath Mat from Ginsey stands up to repeated daily use. Made of durable anti-slip PVC Vinyl, this bath mat is designed to provide you with a relaxing bathing experience. The skid resistant suction cups hold the mat firmly in place to ensure your safety. This Aquatouch Bath Mat is equipped with a hair catcher that prevents hair from clogging the shower drain. Attached to the bath mat and armed with suction cups, the hair catcher will stay put and completely protect your drain from hair. The Aquatouch Bath Mat features drainage holes to avoid gathering unwanted contaminants. No matter how many bubbles in your bathtub, numerous high-strength suction cups will keep the Aquatouch Bath Mat right where you placed it, keeping you safe and sound. Cleaning Ginsey Aquatouch Bath Mat is a breeze: simply wash with soap, rinse and hang to dry. To clean hair catcher detach it from the bath mat and give it a nice scrub. The Aquatouch Bath Mat measures 15 in x 34.5 in.

    The soft fiber of the Ginsey Aquatouch Grass Bath Mat will massage your feet. It has drainage holes for water flow and skid-resistant suction cups. It’s not advised you use this mat on textured surfaces. Customers note this is a very soft mat that’s easy to clean. Simply run your fingers through it when it’s dry. Customers note they haven’t had any problems with slipping after using this mat. Even after years of use, it still works very well. For a mat that makes taking a shower comfortable and pain-free, the Ginsey Aquatouch Soft As Grass Bath Mat is a durable solution.

  • For a bath mat that will massage your feet, the Ginsey Aquatouch Grass Bath Mat is an excellent choice. It’s a soft mat that’s easy to clean too.

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