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Hello plush, fluffy bath mat. We have a feeling you're going to love this big, generous, fluffy pedestal mat. Washable and durable, it's a really practical family choice.

Norcho Soft Microfiber Non-slip Antibacterial Rubber Luxury Bath Mat Rug 31"x19" White

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  • This memory foam bath mat is covered in 100% Microdenier Polyester, which dries quickly and feels super soft. So far, I haven't noticed any foul, moldy odors coming from this bath mat either, which is always a plus since bath mats get damp so often. Cleaning this memory foam mat is super easy too. When the time comes, simply toss it in the washer and dryer and enjoy a clean, fresh, fluffy bath mat once again!

    Feet starting to feel a bit chilly as you stagger out for your morning shower? A fluffy bathmat makes the whole experience a whole lot more bearable, but in my experience it’s hard to find one that isn’t made of scary synthetic fluff (or horribly expensive). No prizes for guessing what I’m about to suggest as a solution then! But did you know you can make a great bath mat out of an old towel? The absorbant fabric is already designed for the job, so a towel you can’t use anymore is an ideal starting point.

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  • Bedazzle your shower with our cute bath mats and towels! Featuring vibrant patterns and adorable animal prints, our unique bath accessories are sure to liven up any shower or tub. Make your bathroom sparkle with our cute mats and towels!

    Our fun bath towels will instantly brighten any washroom! Decorate your shower or sink with our delightful printed towels and linens. Display a charming set of vibrantly hued bath towels for a cute, color-coordinated look. Or, hang up sea creature-themed towels to create an adorable aquatic atmosphere. After a refreshing shower, dry off with a darling floral bath towel or choose one printed with peppy polka dots. Keep a retro-style washcloth by the sink for easy everyday use.

    Add a cozy touch to any bare floor with our cute bath mats and rugs! While getting ready for work or school, keep your toes warm by standing on a charming heart-shaped bath mat or a chic rug with stellar stripes. Secure any slippery surfaces by adorning your tub with owl-shaped bath treads, or treat your feet with an ultra-fluffy bath mat. Our fantastic bath accessories are perfect for decorating any ordinary shower!

    It's time to brighten up your bath! Whether you choose a set of critter-printed washcloths or a whale-adorned rug, our cute bath towels and mats are sure to add flair to your home. Beautify your bath with our fun shower accessories today!

    Stepping out of a warm bath or shower onto a soft, fluffy bath mat is one of the simple pleasures in life. Although many bath mats are available at retail in a wide range of styles, they are often expensive. Synthetic carpet mats are colorful, but they repel water. Instead of buying a commercially made bath mat, sew your own from absorbent, cotton terrycloth bath towels, which are inexpensive enough to allow you to make several.

  • Pampering also applies to both stepping out of the bath and creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. This can be achieved with rugs. When it comes to rugs, venture beyond the traditional round or rectangular fluffy bath mat and into the realm of different rugs such as Oriental or patterned floor runners. These provide rich colors to the bathroom.

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Add the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom with this stunning bath mat from Hugo Boss. Made from luxurious 100% Egyptian cotton twisted with an indulgently high 1000gsm, this thick and fluffy bath mat is perfect for stepping onto after a relaxing bath. Finished with the Hugo Boss logo and border detail, team with matching bath towels available separately to transform your bathroom interior.