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Uneekee The Bird Bath Bath Mat (Memory Foam Large), Multi, Size 17 x 24

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  • Does your bird bath have a raised center island or a fountain? Now you can use your bath year round and provide ice free water for your birds. Our crescent shaped Bird Bath Mat with flexible thermoplastic conforms to the shape of your bird bath’s basin. Unique crescent shape fits easily around any center features your bath may have.

    Soft memory foam? Check! Non-skid backing? Double check! What are we talking about? Just our Bird bath mats, of course. If you are worried about slipping, or placing your feet on the cold tile, once you step out of a nice, relaxing bath or shower you are in need of one of our Bird bath mats. Start your morning off right, or end a long day, with the fluffy goodness of our mat. Comfortable and stylish, it’ll add beauty to your bathroom. Check out all of the fun, amazing designs and choose your favorite!

  • Our Heated Bird Bath Mat is a flexible mat which you can place at the bottom of any bird bath. Plug it into a standard household outlet and you have ice-free water! Flexible thermoplastic conforms to the shape of your bird bath’s basin.

    Bird baths come in a variety of sizes and materials, and they can be found at most garden, home, and pet stores. They range from about twenty dollars for a simple hanging terra-cotta or pedestal concrete bath to several hundred dollars for a cast iron or aluminum bath. You can make an inexpensive bird bath from materials found around the house, such as the inverted lid of a garbage can or a large terra-cotta plant saucer. Either place these directly on the ground or attach them to a rope or chains and hang from a tree branch.

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