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Kobi Aqua Bath Mat

Laura Ashley Astor Striped Plush Chenille 20" x 34" 2 Piece Bath Mat Set, Aqua

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  • Soft memory foam? Check! Non-skid backing? Double check! What are we talking about? Just our Aqua bath mats, of course. If you are worried about slipping, or placing your feet on the cold tile, once you step out of a nice, relaxing bath or shower you are in need of one of our Aqua bath mats. Start your morning off right, or end a long day, with the fluffy goodness of our mat. Comfortable and stylish, it’ll add beauty to your bathroom. Check out all of the fun, amazing designs and choose your favorite!

    Aqua Rug Bath Mat
    Aqua Rug is a unique carpet which is designed to be used for the shower, tub or any other place where there is water content. It provides the coziness of carpets which feels great with bare feet and that too under water! People who have used bathroom mats know how messy they are underneath because they block some water and never dry off easily. These mats also have suction caps underneath them which can create stain marks on the tiles and easily supply a suitable environment for unhealthy bacteria and moss. But Aqua Rug’s patented design has compression proof fibers allowing the water to flow right through it without any chances of percolation and mildew development because of it. It is made out of a durable material and has a no-slip backing to hold it in its position regardless of the amount and force of water on it.

  • Thanks to all for your Aqua Rug Bath Mat reviews. Sorry for all your troubles you are having. will take your advice and avoid this product. It takes people like you to share the knowledge of a scam and hopefully put this rip-off company out of business!!

    Aqua Rug Bath Mat is an extremely dishonest firm. I saw the advert on the TV the other day. I then received an email in my inbox and decided to order one and get one free. The order for 19.99 USD suddenly turned into an order for nearly 200 USD because I could not place the order without agreeing to many different add-ons. Please avoid. This Aqua Rug Bath Mat is a SCAM. I am now going to have to chase them to ensure that I am not charged. I tried to cancel the order but they said that they would call me back as soon as the order came in. They did not call me back. From what the other people are saying, this product is absolutely rubbish in terms of quality.

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